Édito Jeunesse is a publishing house founded in 2014. Since September 2015, it has been publishing picture books, that open the mind, raise awareness, generate reflection and encourage mobilization is the core of its approach.

Editions la ville brûle was founded in January 2009. They publish essays, children's books, graphic novels and literature. Its books are ambitious, but also accessible in content and price. Its main themes are: anti-capitalism, climate change and feminism.

Orlanda Verlag is a Berlin-based independent publishing house. Alongside its focus on women's issues, they focus on themes surrounding a world in motion, providing a platform for deeper reflection, experiences, and contemplation. They aspire to offer an open stage for discourse aimed at the positive evolution of the world, free from prejudices and preconceived notions—transcending origins, worldviews, gender identities, and skin colors. Orlanda Verlag remains steadfast in the mission to uphold these principles by advocating for diverse perspectives and narratives that challenge societal norms and inspire change through fiction as well as non fiction and children’s books.

Serious Comedy is a creative publisher and communication agency dedicated to using humour to help present important socially beneficial information. Darren is an award-winning comedy writer and former stand-up comedian, who regularly writes for the BBC. Steph is a published illustrator and an award- winning creative director. Together, they have written and illustrated most of the books Serious Comedy has created while at the same time fending off a persistently greedy cat.

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