Aux Forges de Vulcain is a French independent publishing house, founded in 2010. Their publications are mainly novels - French and foreign - but also essays. 

Éditions Anne Carrière is a general literature publisher founded in 1993, focusing on French and foreign fiction and non-fiction. In 2009, the company developed a new form of collective of independent publishers, whose formula is "together to publish better". Today the collective is composed of La belle colère, Plein Jour and Alma éditions.

Strange and foreign literature... Othello cultivates texts from unclassifiable genres, publishing translations, reprints of forgotten treasures, and some texts by French authors. 

Emmanuelle Collas founded her publishing house in 2008, with an annual publication of eight titles, mainly French and foreign literature. In 2020, the publishing house won the Prix Goncourt des lycéens with Les impatientes by Djaïli Amadou Amal. Its catalogue includes authors such as Grażyna Plebanek, Selahattin Demirtaş, Nâzım Hikmet, Anouar Benmalek, Dora Djann, Zadig Hamroune, Sabrina Kassa, Mutt-Lon, Sema Kılıçkaya and Prajwal Parajuly.  

Alma éditeur was founded in 2011 by Jean-Maurice de Montremy and Catherine Argand. Initially open to literature and humanities, the catalogue has been refocused on French fiction since January 2022, when Laure Defiolles took over the editorial management of the house.The texts published by Alma seek to apprehend in an original way the contemporary world in which we live, in order to better grasp its complexities and paradoxes. A literature that holds us and carries us away through the writing and the voice of an author, while leaving room for the imagination and the construction of a universe, with the same high standards.

La Cafetière was born in 1996 from the meeting of comic book enthusiasts already involved in book mediation. With shared desires: to support and reveal authors, create a new space for expression, and increase the pleasure of sharing readings.
Without genre boundaries, today's catalog brings together a variety of authors, particularly from the alternative movement, such as Baladi, Baraou, Barman, Bourguignon, Ducatez, Duffour, Jampur Fraize, Missadline, Redlich, Wandrille, and many others... among whom the now indispensable Fabcaro, whose first album La Cafetière is very proud to have published, along with others that followed. La Cafetière promotes a certain enlightened idea of comic books, enriched by the density of their universes, sometimes quirky or ironic, often reflective, always stimulating.

The publishing house Le Nouvel Attila creates books that interweave text, graphics, and illustrations, showcasing rare literature, forgotten works, and graphic art. Their catalog includes unpublished foreign titles in French as well as original works by new authors. BooksAgent proudly represents their publications until September 2021; after this date, please contact the rights manager at Le Seuil.

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