Éditions Bruno Doucey was founded in 2010 by the poet Bruno Doucey - after eight years at the head of Éditions Seghers - and the novelist Murielle Szac. Their ambition? To open up poetry to as many people as possible. With nearly 210 titles, thousands of readers around the world and a growing presence in bookshops, this ambition is more relevant than ever. Their credo is to bring the voice of contemporary poets wherever it can be heard, on the literary scene, but also in schools, streets, prisons, gardens... A tireless fieldwork, driven by the conviction that poetry is vital, all the more so in troubled times. It helps us to think, to fight against all forms of extremism, racism, fundamentalism and totalitarianism. It brings people together instead of dividing them. It speaks the language of brotherhood. A living and generous poetry, open and offered to all, a poetry that opens our horizons and makes us stronger together, that is the poetry that this publishing house wants to promoteRepresentation worldwide for the Poés'histoires series.

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