Strange and foreign literatures…Othello focus on unclassifiable genres and literary "weeds", by publishing translations, new editions of forgotten treasures, and a few selected French authors.

Founded in 1927 by Hermann Hauser, the publishing house La Baconnière is named after the tower of Pierre de Boudry's castle, on the shores of Lake Neuchâtel. Very active in the Swiss literary field in the 1930s, the publishing house became famous at the end of the Second World War. In 1942, it supported, during the war, the voices of French writers by publishing, for example, works by Charles Péguy, Louis Aragon, Jean Cassou, Paul Claudel, Paul Éluard, St-John Perse, Jean Cayrol or Jules Supervielle. La Baconnière defends the intellectual quality of its catalogue, by focusing on timeless essays and translated fiction.

ÉDITIONS ANNE CARRIÉRE is a general literature publishing house founded in 1993 which focuses on French and foreign fiction and essays. 

Among the authors published in French literature: François d'Épenoux, David Lelait-Helo, Philippe Cavalier, Yannick Grannec, Héloïse Guay de Bellissen, Éric Marchal, Maud Mayeras, Ghislain Gilberti, Sibylle Grimbert and Marina Carrère d'Encausse. In foreign literature, the American writer Robert Goolrick, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Katharina Hagena and Erich Kästner. In documents and essays: Marcel Rufo and Laurent Gounelle.

In 2009, it developed a new form of collective of independent publishers, together for better publishing. This collective is composed of La belle colère, Plein Jour, La ville brûle, Aux forges de vulcain & Emmanuelle Collas.

Emmanuelle Collas has founded the homonymous publishing house in 2008, with an annual production of about eight titles, mainly of French and foreign literature. In 2020, the publishing house won the Prix Goncourt des lycéens with Les impatientes by Djaïli Amadou Amal. Its catalogue includes about twenty titles, with authors such as Grażyna Plebanek, William Navarrete, Selahattin Demirtaş, Nâzım Hikmet, Marie Bardet, Dora Djann Zadig Hamroune, Sabrina Kassa, Mutt-Lon, Sema Kılıçkaya, Prajwal Parajuly, and Sikanda de Cayron.The publishing house has joined in 2009 the collective of independent publishers gathered around Éditions Anne Carrière: together for better publishing.

Aux forges de Vulcain is a French independent publisher, founded in 2010.They publish mostly fiction - both French and translated - and also essays, studies and art books. They have joined the collective of independent publishers founded by Éditions Anne Carrière in 2009: together for better publishing.

Le Cheval d'août is a Canadian publishing house founded in 2014 by Geneviève Thibault and based in Montreal. The publishing house aims to promote emerging Canadian literature. In the last few years it has established itself in the literary landscape, welcoming to its catalog leading writers of Canadian literature, such as Sophie Bienvenu and Fanny Britt.


The publisher of world culture. Espaces&signes is an independent publishing house, founded in Paris in 2014 by Caroline de Peyster and Edouard Dor. Their project: to give access to world cultures in their different forms of expression with a new outlook.The catalogue of espaces&signes gathers innovative essays in their conception and in their form (Ciné voyage series and essays on art), a collection of literature and reprints of unpublished and rare texts.

La ville brûle was founded in 2009. They publish essays, children's books, comics and even literature. Their books are ambitious by their subject and accessible with their content and price. The main themes are: anti-capitalism, climate change and feminism. 

In January 2019, they joined the collective of independent publishers gathered around Éditions Anne Carrière: Together for better publishing.


Édito belongs to Gallimard Canada and has been founded in 2014. Since 2015, they added a new series to their catalogue; Édito Jeunesse, publishing children’s literature, mainly picture books. Publishing books to open one’s mind, to raise awareness, to bright up intelligence, to bring a new reflection and to call for action; this is the core of their editorial line. 

Initially focused on the publication of scientific and political essays, the publishing house La Ville brûle, founded in 2009, has gradually opened up to children's literature. With the idea that "it is never too early to talk about politics, feminism, economics or ecology".