Milena Ascione

Born under the southern Italian sun, I grew up surrounded by books in the family bookstore. My studies took me from Rome to London, where I worked at the renowned Foyles bookstore, an iconic destination for book lovers, providing an unforgettable work and life experience. Then, I pursued a Master's degree at Humboldt University in Berlin. A detour through the Tate Gallery in London preceded my settling in France, where I not only mastered the language (my fourth in my collection!) but also passionately worked as a bookstore manager for ten years. In 2014, I delved into the world of copyright, contracts, and negotiations by joining a literary agency. From Frankfurt to Tokyo, Seoul, London, and Guadalajara, I traversed the world's book fairs before founding my own agency in 2019.
My job is my passion, and I am grateful every day to share it with enthusiastic publishers around the world.


BooksAgent is a French literary agency that specializes in fiction, non-fiction, and children's and teen books. Proudly representing eleven publishers, each with a unique collection of high-quality titles, from novels to essays and picture books. Let me introduce you to my clients: Aux Forges de Vulcain, Emmanuelle Collas, La Ville Brûle, Anne Carrière, Le nouvel attila/Othello, Espaces&Signes, l'Arbre vengeur, Alma Éditions, as well as the Quebec-based publishing houses Le Cheval d'août and Edito Jeunesse.
I act as a liaison between publishers and strive to find the perfect match for each book, ensuring its full potential is realized.

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